Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lost and Found

I'm so excited. Today I began clearing out part of my parents' attic. I had a lot of stuff that was up there that had been in their old house. When they moved to this house, they put a lot of my stuff up in the attic rather than in the room that I use when I'm in town. The exception to this were my yearbooks. The only problem was that my 3rd grade yearbook was missing. Since most of the other books which had been around it on the shelf at the old house were on the shelf, I just assumed that it had been accidentally thrown out during the move. I should explain that my first and second grade yearbooks were books that contained grades 1-12. This was back when kindergartens were all private instead of part of the public school system (at least where I lived). Anyway, when our third grade yearbooks arrived, I remember being so disappointed. Instead of the nice yearbook with all grades, we had a little paperback with only grades 1-3. That was all that was in East Amory Elementary, so that's all we got. We did not have yearbooks for the years that I was in 4th through 8th grades because there were none produced for West Amory Elementary or Amory Middle School. I really regret that we don't have those because I had some friends who lived here only a short time, and they were during those years. Of course, the high school always kept the Panorama going, and I have all four of those books. I'm glad that my 3rd grade yearbook has now been found!

Something else that I was excited to find was an old diary belonging to my grandmother. It appears to have been from the 1970s and mentioned visits from her friends. I also found some of my mom's books that she was very happy to rediscover.

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