Friday, March 21, 2008

Tennessee Won . . . and Other Thoughts!

I'm very glad that my Vols won this first round in the NCAA today. I was able to watch most of the first half of it while eating at Neely's in Memphis. This is the place of Food Network fame! I didn't meet Pat or Gina. Did the BBQ live up to its hype? I don't really think it is the best I've ever eaten, and I prefer a less sweet sauce; however, it was quite good. The portion of the pulled pork I received was huge for a small. I would say there was at least twice as much meat as I usually get at Buddy's back in East Tennessee. Would I eat there again? Yes--and I want to try those BBQ nachos! They looked decadent. Several folks in the dining room had ordered them, and I kept wishing that I'd not ordered the pulled pork as I was waiting on my food to arrive!

After that I went shopping. The only place that I bought clothes was at Macy's. What took so long was finding a dress that Mom would wear. We found one at the 6th store we entered. Actually after the 4th store, mom was getting tired. So after that, I went in and looked around to see whether I saw some possible candidates. After finally identifying 3 possibilities in the 6th store, I went out and got her. Then we went back in so she could try them on. Someone could make a fortune if they would make "Granny dresses". (I'm not talking about the 60s style called "Granny Dresses" but simply dresses that an older person would wear and feel comfortable wearing.) All of the options were probably a little different than she would have normally tried, but they all met her requirements for modesty, having a little sleeve, and not being too short. She chose the one that I would have picked for her.

I apologize for not blogging yesterday, but I had so many family members in that I really didn't have time. I'll blog later about some of the "reminiscing" that we were able to get my Dad to do about his time in World War II.

Update: If you've not seen this incredible photo of the Atlanta tornado, you need to see it.

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