Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Have a Smart Cat!

I have been looking for a book that I'd taken with me to Mississippi. I was almost sure that I'd brought it back with me. I thought it was in a tote bag or in one of the computer cases, but for two days I couldn't find it. Earlier tonight I called my mom to ask her if I'd left it in Mississippi. She couldn't find it so I was pretty sure it was around here, but I sure didn't have a clue where I'd put it and whatever else was with it. As soon as I hung up the phone, Brumley went over to a bag and sniffed it. I asked him, "Is that where it is?" He sniffed again. I went over and looked, and sure enough, there was the book. I told him "Thank you" and then called my mom back and told her that Brumley had found it. We both had a good laugh. The next time I lose something, I'm going to ask Brumley first!


Thomas MacEntee said...

I think you have what is now known as a "service animal" - companions that help us do those everyday things we can no longer do - like remember where our books or glasses are!

Laura said...

Brumley is quite brilliant! And what a great name, too.

We have 2 cats who are lovely but are constantly losing their own toys so I doubt that they could find anything of ours!