Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Yankee Type?

While I was in Facebook, I noticed that a friend had added the application for "Which state should you live in?" I knew from the past that a lot of these apps start out as online quizzes, so I thought I'd Google the question and see if I could find it. It was quite easy to find "Which State Should You Live In?" I took the quiz, but I'll have to admit to being surprised by the results. There were misspelled words and phrases throughout the questionnaire so I decided not to use the little "blog blurb" provided; however, I was pegged as a "Yankee type." They suggested that I'd never enjoyed a bowl of grits. I've lived in the South, and I do enjoy grits--the real kind, not the quick-cooking ones. They also said that I'd probably never been to a NASCAR "game." Since when is NASCAR a game? I thought it was a race, but they are correct that I've never been to one even though I'm only about an hour from the Bristol Motor Speedway. I think driving around in circles just to crash and/or burn is stupid! They suggested that New Hampshire would be a good place for me to live. If I did that, I'd have to change this blog's name to the "White Mountains Family Historian." HEHEHE I have nothing against New Hampshire. I had lots of ancestors who lived there. I'm looking forward to visiting New Hampshire this summer. It sounds like I might meet a lot of kindred spirits there.

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Moultrie Creek said...

NASCAR? I learned how to make a left turn years ago. Daytona was interesting 40 years ago - mostly because boys were involved - but I quickly outgrew that concept.

Your little quiz and the how do you speak thingy that's making the rounds are just too weird. They never even come close. I still get suckered into trying them - quite regularly I'm embarassed to add.