Friday, March 14, 2008

Betsey Dearborn Taylor

Betsey Dearborn was born 4 Sep 1818 in Morgan County, Ohio to Deacon Nathan Dearborn and his wife Lucy Perkins. She is the 4th great granddaughter of immigrant Godfrey Dearborn (Godfrey, Thomas, Ebenezer, Benjamin, Samuel, Nathan, Betsey). She married Stephen Taylor, son of the late Stephen Taylor and his wife Lovica Rathbone, on 8 March 1837 in Morgan County, Ohio. Her father Nathan was a deacon of the Windsor Baptist Church (aka Brick Church) in that county. She had seven brothers and sisters--Henry Perkins, Samuel Ward, Elsina, Margaret Ann, Lucy, Lydia S., and Nathan B.

Before 1840, Stephen and Betsey had made their home in White Oak Township of McLean County, Illinois. They lived on a farm right along the Woodford County line near the present-day town of Carlock. They had nine children of their own and adopted yet another. Their children were Isaac M., Otis L., Theresa Ann, Betsey Ann D., Zachary W., Elsina D. "Sis", Laura Lucy, Ida D. "I. D.", and John Dearborn. The child they adopted later was Cora Potter.

Her husband Stephen died in 1881 and was buried at the Denman Cemetery near Carlock. She moved to Oklahoma City with her son John Dearborn Taylor where she died 12 March 1899 and is buried in the Fairlawn Cemetery in that city.

The estimated date of the photograph is 1881.

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Tex said...

Have you visited her grave? I was just in that cemetery this week, taking pictures. She's in very good company there-- it's an interesting cemetery. Oklahoma City was born overnight, during one of the land runs, and the cemetery is the resting place of many of those earliest residents.