Monday, March 24, 2008

HP ScanJet 5370C and Windows Vista

I'm very upset that HP has chosen not to make a driver for my HP ScanJet 5370C which will make it compatible with Windows Vista. Instead, they suggest that I upgrade to a newer HP Product. Why would I want to do that when what I choose might not be compatible with the next operating system released by Windows and then they'd suggest that I buy yet another one? I'm looking for suggestions. Do you have a scanner that you own and like that is not an HP that works well with Windows Vista? I'll be checking out Consumer Reports at work tomorrow. In the meantime, I guess that I'll just have to use the old computer for scanning until I send it off to be repaired.


Moultrie Creek said...

I hate to say it but Vista is your problem more than HP. Many people I work with have removed Vista and gone back to XP. I chose to dump Windows altogether and go with Mac.

Microsoft is supposed to stop supporting XP in June, but with so many big organizations refusing to go to Vista I doubt that's going to happen either.



I bought a HP scanjet5370C because it allowed me to scan 35mm slides; now I can't get it to work on Vista. Did you ever find a solution to allow you to use yours on Vista?

Decatur, GA

Lori Thornton said...

Unfortunately I did not find a good solution. I'm keeping my HP 5370C to use with my Windows XP computer. I still have my slide attachment as well. I ended up buying a Canon all-in-one machine. I don't like the hinged lid on the side and prefer my HP flat-bed, but it will get most things. For what it won't, I'll use my XP computer and the HP.